🚀 Release Week Day 4: Shopify Integration Now Live

published4 months ago
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The hits just keep coming...

We've launched the Scaler Community, released the Unique Voice feature (train the models to write like you), and Doc to Post (your document or presentation uploaded to become a post).

And today, we launched a big integration for ecommerce brands: the Shopify Integration. 🙌

This seamless integration allows you to publish directly to your Shopify store from Content at Scale, streamlining your content workflow like never before.

Here are three key benefits of this integration:

  • Effortless Content Publishing: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual content transfer. With the Shopify integration, you can seamlessly publish your high-quality content directly to your Shopify store from within Content at Scale. Save time, eliminate errors, and focus on growing your business.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Consistency: Maintain a consistent brand voice and streamline your content creation process. The integration allows you to leverage Content at Scale's AI-powered capabilities to generate long-form, original, and undetectable SEO blogs for your Shopify store. Scale your SEO content without the pain of manual work, ensuring your store remains optimized for search engines.
  • Seamlessly Adapt Existing Content: Whether you have a winning competitor's article or an existing piece of content you want to repurpose, the integration makes it easy. Simply provide the source URL, blog post, YouTube video or podcast, and Content at Scale will create a freshly written article that draws inspiration from the original. This enables you to leverage existing content and tailor it to fit your store's unique needs and audience.

Shopify brands have been changing strategies with iOS 14.5 making paid ads far less profitable. The shift has been towards creating an owned audience, and high quality content is a key driver to making that happen.

Ready to connect your Shopify store? Sign in to your Content at Scale account and navigate to the Project Settings > Integrations to enable.

Stay Scaling!

Justin McGill
Founder of Content at Scale

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