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Hey friends,

Happy Friday!

It's early AM here in Cleveland, Ohio...

We're at MAICON (Marketing AI Conference), sponsoring a booth.

I brought 75 copies of The Content Writer's Handbook (my 8th book, a February 2023 release).


They're all gone.

We were down to ONE last night.

May have had a couple people fighting over that last one this morning. ๐Ÿ˜…

(I've had so many people ask if AI wrote this that Jeff Joyce, our AI Director, suggested I sign it in blood to prove it's human work. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But I'll definitely be incorporating AI into my next book.)

We've got a big booth in the center of the hall.

Getting to meet all these marketers and entrepreneurs interested in using AI to augment their processes, and spend the time in the very middle of these 700+ AI curious folks, has been terrific.

It's an AI revolution โ€“ there's NO doubt.

Paul Roetzer, the founder of MAICON and Marketing Artificial Institute, opened his keynote yesterday with this:

โ€œ100 million people in America are knowledge workers. AI will impact EVERY one of them. Do we need as many humans doing the work?

AI can be the greatest thing that ever happened to us, but we have to make a choice.

Be the change agent that learns AI.โ€

Probably one of my most favorite event experiences ever has been this event.

It's right up there with #TBEX, my first keynote last week... #BusyMonth

I knew it would be phenomenal return on our time. But what I didn't think about too in-depth were the type of conversations we'd have.

Never in my life have I been able to walk up to anyone at an event and strike up an immediate conversation.


And I've been at many (countless) marketing events.

The life, passion, and interest here is UNREAL.

Everyone KNOWS its a new frontier.

It's the first time many are encountering it. Some are trying to get it into their workflow without feeling overwhelmed. Some are just getting started on their first business, and going to use AI to build the marketing. Some are veteran marketers โ€“ and decision makers โ€“ trying to get their team onboard.

We've had conversations with tons of them.

Opposite ends of the spectrum.


One of them โ€“ "I bought my writer a ticket. She wouldn't even show up. That's how offended she is about AI. What do I tell her, Julia?" I gave this dear woman (CEO of the company) two copies of my book, and my anti-AI to pro-AI story to return home to her writer with. โค๏ธ

The best thing you can do is โ€“ first, have empathy. Ever heard "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?" It's true. You won't get your team to adapt if you scare them into it. So, have empathy.

Next, find a relatable figure in AI for them to follow. I'm the poster child. I literally was on stage in December of 2022 saying "AI is garbage โ€“ย hire a human writer and avoid it," to joining Content at Scale's leadership team this January. If I can do it, so can they. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another one โ€“ "I'm buying a content agency. Would you use your AI in the service you deliver to your clients? And if so, why would be they buy from me and not the AI?"

I gave this smart entrepreneur my How to Build an AIO Agency at 73% Profit Margins video. Follow that plan to see exactly what I would do. Dang, he's going to crush it with this model. He's lit up.


Great convos, meetings, and relationships forged.

I'm so excited we attended MAICON.

Next event lined up in at the end of the year.

We'll be at BrightonSEO (2,000+ SEO marketers) in San Diego this November. See you there? Here's the event link. I'll be speaking!

How Rhino Rank built "money content" with Content at Scale's AI

We've got a fantastic new case study on the blog this week, from Rhino Rank, a leading link-building agency.

โ€œMoney contentโ€ refers to content thatโ€™s designed to earn revenue. These blog posts are focused on high-CPC keywords (for ads), product and service reviews, affiliate links, and sales.

According to the Rhino Rank team, Content at Scale is the most powerful AI writing software they have come across. It uses three AI writing engines to generate articles that read like they were written by a human.

With those three engines, the app looks at all the top-ranking content on Google for a specific niche and writes a fresh take while trying to improve what competitors have written. The end result is long-form content that reads well and ranks high.

This is why Rhino Rank uses Content at Scale for all of its money content.

Read more: How Rhino Rank Generated $14K in Revenue with Content at Scale in Just 4 Monthsโ€‹

How John & Victoria Derrick doubled output for a site with 15 million visitors

John and Victoria Derrick are certified Hawaii destination experts. Together they built Hawaii-Guide.com to provide travelers with all the tools and resources they need to create the perfect Hawaiian holiday.

John has been an avid fan of Hawaii for the last 20+ years. A seasoned traveler who visited all the other 49 states by the age of 19, he fell in love with the islands after his first trip back in 2002.

John gained extensive experience in content marketing, SEO, web design and development, and business strategy from his previous job as a front-end web developer and VP of Operations for a local firm.

John created GuideofUS in the summer of 2000 to provide visitors with free online travel information.

Two years later, Hawaii-Guide.com came to life as part of that broader vision.

Each year, Hawaii Guide helps as many as 15 million visitors plan and book the Hawaiian vacation of their dreams.

As a one-stop resource for all things Hawaii, Hawaii-Guide.com is more than just a comprehensive travel guide. John and Victoria promote sustainable/regenerative tourism and encourage visitors to live the pono way so that the islands of Hawaii will endure as an authentic experience for generations to come.

Read more in this case study that recently came out โ€“ย good stuff:

โ€‹How Hawaii-Guide.com Gained a 30% Traffic Boost and Doubled Content Output with AI & Content at Scaleโ€‹

The hunt for treasure is ON ๐Ÿ—บ

by Steve Harvey, Partner Manager

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